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“Looking back, she realizes it was a messy period,” a source close to the 29-year-old “Parent Trap” star told People in a story published Saturday.“She didn’t know how else to live and didn’t know she had a choice sometimes.” LINDSAY LOHAN DATING 22-YEAR-OLD RUSSIAN HEIR EGOR TARABASOV; RELATIONSHIP IS 'PRETTY SERIOUS' “I think she’s embarrassed by a lot of her past but I think her goal is to live normally and silently,” the source added of Lohan, who shipped off to London in 2012.We'll just take our private tape.' We got our Moms there and they said, 'No problem.' We get back home and it's like, woah, hey listen, something changed! It was love." In the end, the "American Honey" actor says everything worked out for the best." WATCH: Shia La Beouf and Mia Goth Marry in Live Streamed Las Vegas Wedding Officiated by Elvis Impersonator "I call them up and they said somebody pressed the wrong button that sends the video to TMZ," he continues. I checked with my girl and she said, 'Hey, what are you gonna do? "Dads couldn't be there so it was kind of nice to have them there watching in a way," he comments.Despite Clark County Nevada's tweet last week that Shia La Beouf's Las Vegas wedding to actress Mia Goth isn't actually legal, La Beouf himself is taking it very seriously.The 30-year-old actor stopped by "The Ellen De Generes Show," airing Tuesday, and confirmed that he did get married to Goth last week at the Viva Vegas Wedding Chapel.Khalifa and Rose are in the middle of a messy divorce, but Rose, 32, still has a massive tattoo of his shit-eating grin on the back of her left arm.Sebastian—Bash or Bashie for short—peers up at us, looking a bit bored of the vocab quiz.

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Every week, Amber Rose teaches her two-year-old son a new word.

La Beouf and Goth met during the filming of Lars von Trier's NC-17 drama, "Nymphomaniac," and have been dating for four years.

Throughout his career, Shia has been romantically involved with Carey Mulligan, Isabel Lucas and Megan Fox.

This week’s word is technically not a word at all (TMZ will point this out after she’s uploaded a video of her lesson to Instagram) but it comes in handy as we try to explain to him why I am here on a Sunday afternoon—a complete stranger lounging in the palatial master bedroom of Mommy’s house in the Hollywood Hills.

Both Nas and French Montana used to live here, Rose says. “Hey Sebastian, what’s the new word we learned this week? “Con-ver-sate,” says Sebastian, whose father is the rapper and stoner king Wiz Khalifa.

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