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So do both of you a favor and don't over think this one.If you've only been dating a couple of weeks, keep it small and not super sentimental, yet thoughtful.And to be perfectly honest, if I the holiday induces in my friends and family…and it doubles the amount of anxiety-induced emails I get.No, my biggest issue is the way it gets shoved down one’s throat earlier and earlier every year.Hell, stores in Austin were putting up Christmas displays in October.Avoid silly trinkets, like little figurines/key chains/etc. Rule of thumb: Get personal and creative to show that you still care.

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In fact, it makes a lot of men super uncomfortable when you overdo it present-wise if you are not exclusive yet.And if you can honestly say "YES, I can give him a gift and not secretly or not-so secretly hold it against him if he doesn't reciprocate," then absolutely, you should get him a gift for Christmas.And you are officially ready for the second question: What should I get him?If you've been dating longer, keep the gift in proportion to where you still feel comfortable and not pissed off if he doesn't reciprocate. —but you’re not sure what the going rate is on Christmas gifts.

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