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Siegfried also enforced the construction of a new house outfitted to offset Roy’s physical limitations, suffered a decade ago when he was dragged offstage by a white tiger named Montecore during a performance at the Mirage.October 3 marked the 10-year anniversary of that incident, which Siegfried and Roy alternately refer to as “the accident” or “the thing,” as in, “When the thing happened ...” But they hardly speak of it, and only when asked.Critically injured, Horn lost a massive amount of blood and later suffered a stroke. "The first thing he wrote was, 'It is good to hold your hands,' " Fischbacher says, drawing his palms together.A portion of his skull was removed to relieve pressure on his brain. 28, Horn was moved to UCLA Medical Center for further evaluation and treatment, with his condition listed as serious. "And last night, he wrote that he wanted a Madonna CD." He has also attempted to get out of bed.LOS ANGELES — "Do you know what the secret to Siegfried & Roy was?

They have sued Roy in Nevada court for the alleged sexual assaults.Everything from the hand holding to countless daily declarations of love were not only a byproduct of the man's emotions but it was something easily volunteered by the man who'd truly loved them.I simply didn't love my Ex's in the capacity their spirits knew organically needed to be loved.The compound is known as Little Bavaria, but referring to this sprawling estate as “little” seems farcical.This is a staggering hideaway of connected mansions, with fields as vast as a dozen soccer pitches, an aquatic park that rivals the Bellagio fountains, and miles of interlocking walkways that encircle and cut through the property.

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