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However, there are also other good usage policies that can help to secure your email and the business as a whole.A few readers have asked us about a ransomware variant with the intriguing name of Mole.

Ransomware is probably the most in-your-face sort of malware ever devised: when it triggers, it immediately scrambles your data files, sends the decryption key to the crooks, and offers to sell the key back to you.You will receive an email from the Registration Authority when your certificate request has been approved that contains a link to a location where your certificate may be obtained.Clicking on this link will bring up a browser window that contains the details of your issued certificate and includes a section that looks something like the following: -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- MIAGCSq GSIb3DQEHAq CAMIACAQEx ADALBgkqhki G9w0BBw Ggg DCCAmowgg HXAh AF Ub M77e50M63v1Z2A/5O5MA0GCSq GSIb3DQEOBAUAMF8x Cz AJBg NVBAYTAl VTMSAw (.......) E c FEpf0WFor A e RP6Xra Ww8r TN8102z Grc Jgg4P6XVS4l39 l5a CEGGbau LP5W6 K99c42ku3Qrl X2 Ke Di x BG2c EIsd Si Xe QS/16S36ITclu4AADEAAAAAAAAA -----END CERTIFICATE----- and paste it into an appropriately named text file e.g.Others of us are diligent about deleting unsolicited attachments but more open to clicking through to websites, perhaps because we regularly exchange links with people we don’t know very well.This is an update on the Adobe Reader and Acrobat issue (CVE-2009-0658) discussed in Security Advisory APSA09-01.

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