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PLUS, we talk about why people send half-hearted messages on dating apps where they seem disinterested, but still try to further the conversation.

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How do you step out of your comfort zone and approach her, right there on the street and completely out of the blue?

It’s not something that many people would even consider doing, View More continue reading Just as important as knowing what to do in flirting and dating situations is knowing what not to do.

Many of these surreal encounters ended with Bill whispering, “No one will ever believe you” into a stranger’s ear. Edwards traveled to the places where Murray has lived, worked, and partied, in search of the most outrageous and hilarious Bill Murray stories from the past four decades, many of which have never before been reported.

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You can follow every piece of good advice you get about how to act around women, but if you just add those to your repertoire and don’t weed out things that are dragging you down, you’re View More continue reading Men and women alike have plenty of horror stories to tell about their very first kiss.

By the time we reach the dating scene, though, we’re well past the initial awkwardness of two people’s lips touching, and the main worries are what her reaction will be and if it’s the right moment. View More continue reading Guys, here’s the bottom line: If you can’t keep a conversation going, you can’t be a badass with women. with consistent effort and practice, you can master this skill.

Joshua Pellicer, the writer and creator of this amazing seduction method is a world famous dating coach.

Here in this guide author teaches seduction tips and techniques to men.

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