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Tegan’s phone contains several close-up shots of her sister’s putty-clad nostrils.It's a perk of sharing a face that only one twin had to do it. Like, it looks awful, I mean, you're cringing in them," and the girl was like, "I got food poisoning the night before and I was up just getting sick all night and I was in so much pain and I got to the shoot and I was dehydrated and tired and I went to the hospital right afterwards," and Tyra was like--It was like a close up on her face all the sudden and she was all like, "You know, I had"--I can't remember what it was, some sort of disorder, some sort of thing--"and I was in incredible pain and I was cramping and blah blah blah blah blah"--you know, she's doing this whole thing and listing all the characteristics, all the symptoms of her disease, and she goes, "But you just model through it." And I was like, "Oh my god, that's fucking genius. Tegan: Well, Tyra was like, "Your pictures do not look good.Tegan Quin took time out to talk with After Ellen about The Dinah, the evolution of the band’s sound, and how making After Ellen: You are going to be headlining this year’s Dinah, or as it’s sometimes called, Lesbian Spring Break! Will you be playing some of your older fan favorites as well? I mean our live shows include songs from all of our records, so we definitely love playing all our stuff. AE: I remember very distinctly going to my local record shop in Kalamazoo Michigan in 2000 and stumbling across . You music continues to be very unique and progressive. Tegan Quin: No, I’ve never made it to a Dinah Shore before, so this will be our first time playing and our first time attending.Yes, maybe LB and Tegan are not longer toghether, but they can still being friends, i mean, Emy still works for them, and the relationship with Sara was finished like 6 years ago.It's completely possible that Tegan and Lindesy broke up a couple months ago (or maybe they were having a bad time, and broke up recently), and still being friends Tegan did seem kind of quiet the last month or so of touring.

I think there’s just a lot more options than when we first started and we were limited in terms of experience and ability, but also in terms of finances and money. We couldn’t necessarily translate our record live the way we can now.Tegan and Sara (Tegan Rain Quin and Sara Kiersten Quin) (born September 19 1980, identical twins) are Canadian singer-songwriters. They have released eight studio albums, most recently Love You To Death Sara: "Hot Snake." What does it say about society that men are so comfortable drawing their own genitalia all over everything? Was used among the Irish as a term for Catholics and for a person skilled in many trades.  Origin of Tegan Celtic ---------------------------------------------------------------- The name Tegan has the following meaning: A good looking man. This name can be given to both baby boys and girls.

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