They are killing the japanese and intimidating us

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In one study, 70 percent of participants said that phubbing hurt their ability to interact with their romantic partners A survey found that almost three quarters of women in committed relationships feel that smartphones are interfering with their love life and are reducing the amount of time they spend with their partner.Scientists found that what they describe as this ‘technoference’ – even if infrequent – sets off a chain of negative events: more conflict about technology, lower relationship quality, lower life satisfaction and higher risk of depression.

Its main feature is a giant camphor tree, stretching out through a hole in the platform.An adorable Japanese hamster named Mike has melted hearts around the world in a wonderful video that shows him munching on a tasty-looking carrot slice before going to sleep in an very cozy-looking bed.If you think Mike is as adorable as we do, then be sure to check out his owner’s Youtube account, where there are many more videos of this loveable, sleepy little hamster!However, after 60 years the increase in population demanded an expansion of the station and it was approved in 1972.The tree was to be cut down to make room for the new structure.

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