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Try using - the 'login settings' manager under the administration menu, or go to the top-right switch icon and and click System Settings, then 'Login Screen'.Enter your admin password, then select 'Ubuntu Classic (No effects)' as the default session. This changes ubuntu to use the standard gnome menubar and disables the 3d and animation effects.After the access password is set, you’ll be asked whether or not you want to set the view-only password.This feature is helpful for demonstrations via VNC.I use a server here to show you a ay to have a remote desktop on a root server in a data center.The same steps will work for Ubuntu desktops as well.For example, if you install VNC on your hosted server, you could connect to its graphical desktop environment remotely.

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Obvious things to check: - network shaping (either built into the system itself or somewhere on the network) - limited to system or just the applcation? This is the reason why I have a backup protocol or at least keep that chance open.

In that scenario, people logged in with the view-only password would not be able to control the VNC session with their mouse or keyboard, but would be able to view the session.

Running VNC server will also create a default startup script, start the applications specified in the default config file, and create a log file.

Setting up the script What is nice about vino, is it share’s the desktop display that is already started on DISPLAY:0.

It will share the screen as you see it on another monitor, mouse and all.

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