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I described a few ways to handle this in Make a Copied Chart Link to New Data.Most commonly you have a worksheet with a bunch of data and a corresponding chart, and you have another sheet of data you want to add a chart to.Instead, send your report to the mailing list [email protected], which allows anyone to send messages, but restricts who can read them.Someone on that list will contact you to follow up on your report.We’ve also tracked down information such as the cost for sending picture messages and making calls to premium rate 0870 numbers.4G and 3G network coverage and the identity of the host network for virtual networks is even squeezed in. So have a look to work out which mobile network offers the best deal for you.This small tutorial uses a basic ODBC data connection defined in the form and then modifies it, via script, in order to be able to execute SQL statements which either insert, update or delete records from any table in the database for which the data connection was setup to work with.

You may recall that the tutorial on connecting a form to a database did demonstrate one method of inserting, updating and deleting records from a database.

The key concept with this tutorial is the fact that the node inside an ODBC data connection (as we saw in the tutorial on selecting specific database records) can be used to execute all sorts of SQL statements — not just "select" queries.

This means that if you set the node) to be an "insert" SQL statement and open the data connection, the result will be a new record in the database as per the insert statement’s parameters (and the same goes for "update" and "delete" SQL statements).

We’re pretty sure that this is the most comprehensive mobile network comparison table in existence.

Not only does it give basic tariff information like the price to make calls, send texts and use the internet, it even includes such as offers for unlimited data, unlimited calls and unlimited texts.

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