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Here’s what the Bundler doc says about bundle update UPDATING A LIST OF GEMS Sometimes, you want to update a single gem in the Gemfile(5), and leave the rest of the gems that you specified locked to the versions in the So when your app breaks or your tests fail, it takes a lot of time to figure out why.For instance, in the scenario above, imagine that nokogiri releases version 1.4.4, and you want to update it without updating Rails and all of its dependencies. Bundler will update nokogiri and any of its dependencies, but leave alone Rails and its dependencies. Want an example of an unexpected side-effect of bundle update? Let’s say you’ve installed the sextant gem into your Rails app so you can see your Rails routes in development mode by navigating to /rails/routes.

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@byrnejb : Do you have a link to a blog post or other explaining how P. If you run bundle update --source gem_name and gem_name is not updated then gem_name has other dependencies which differ from those already locked.

There are a couple of solutions I’ve seen people use to solve this.

Neither of them is that great: would just update that gem.

In general, when you update the Calabash i OS gem, you should update the calabash.framework as well. $ calabash-ios version 0.12.3 # Download the framework.

$ calabash-ios download ----------Info---------- Shall I delete it and download the latest matching version?

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