Updating iphone calendar

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Step 1: To do this, you first need to visit the sync settings in Google Calendar.Step 2: If you’re signed into your Google account, you should see a list of all your calendars, with a check box next each to them.Google can take a few hours to recognize updates that you make to your SP calendar, and sometimes longer.First, Delete your old calendar subscription from Google.

This menu is useful for turning off non-critical Calendars if you have a particularly hectric schedule.Our sync works by generating a calendar link that your personal calendar uses to "subscribe" to your Simple Practice calendar.Sometimes calendars like Google, are slow to update subscriptions.If Simple Practice events are appearing in your i Cal calendar, then this means the Simple Practice calendar sync is working.If events are slow to update or if they stop updating, then this means there is an issue with the calendar settings on your device.

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