Updating phpbb 3

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If you use your sat nav for reference but actually plan on a paper map you will find that everything clicks into place one day and you look at your map and realise the relationship between roads and I guarantee that a lot of times with experience you will be able to decide a far better route than your device will suggest.

As I said, my sat nav is used daily, but with the volume off and the route chosen is one my years of experience with a paper map tells me is the best one. Well said you have made some points that I can truly agree with I've been to places and not even know how I got there using my satnav, that said I've been on multi drop work for a few months with a few different firms and never been to these small hamlets, villages and towns before let alone heard of some and with so many drops to do in one day you simply haven't got time to plan a route on a map, because a lot of my work has been on the edge of the seat driving You need to get out more mate have you not seen how much construction that has been going on over the last couple of years in the UK .

I'm not going to knock sat navs as I use one every day, but I will say that you will never learn navigation while using one.

Sure you'll recognise places where you have been before but how you actually got there will be a mystery to you.

A hedge had been planted (3mters from their property) by the old lady who lived here before me but she kept the hedge level with the bottom of the neighbours windows so they still had light in their lounge/dinning room.

My neighbours have 2 windows at the side of their property which directly overlook my house and garden(their chalet bungalow is built on higher ground).

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If you have basic knowledge of using FTP and are sure your hosting service or server will run php BB3 you can use these steps to quickly get started.) to a directory on your host and unarchive it there.If you do not have shell access or do not wish to use it you will need to decompress the php BB3 archive to a local directory on your system using your favourite compression program, e.g. From there you must FTP ALL the files it contains (being sure to retain the directory structure and filenames) to your host.Please read this document completely before proceeding with installation, updating or converting.This document will walk you through the basics on installing, updating and converting the forum software.

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