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Vegans dating non-vegans, vegans seeking vegans, married couples who may or may not be on the same vegan journey, this show is for you!Maya Gottfried, author of Vegan Love: Dating and Partnering for the Cruelty-Free Gal, shares practical dating, relationship and vegan wedding tips!

The one thing to look out for is the salt and fat content, which are classed as a 'medium'- so if you eat one make sure you're not loading the rest of your plate with salty, fatty food and you should get a lovely balance to your meal.

The protein content is also a bonus as there is about 10g per burger so around a quarter of your daily-recommended intake if you are struggling to find it elsewhere.

The burgers themselves are large rounds, however they are quite flat, so my immediate thought was that they wouldn't have a lot of flavour. They have a real kick to them so if you are a vegan who likes their food spicy, this won't disappoint.

One patty makes the ideal accompaniment to chips, in a bun with some salad and tomato sauce.

I usually eat one with a heap of veggies-a healthier option for those who are losing weight or calorie conscious.

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