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Judgeing by the kisses it is safe to assume they are. Twitter photos prove that 16 days ago Craig Mabbit was with Gab and daughter.Judgeing by the kisses it is safe to assume they are.As of 2013, Ortiz is the last founding member in the current lineup of the group.They have released three EPs and four full-length studio albums. The album is heavier than the previous album and has a darker sound.He is also the current lead vocalist of a side-project band, The Dead Rabbitts, along with Escape the Fate's rhythm guitarist, TJ Bell.No he is not married nor does he have a girlfriend.While in New York City at their recent show at Best Buy Theater, Escape the Fate‘s frontman Craig Mabbitt and drummer Robert Ortiz sat down to chat with Noisecreep.The guys opened up about the touring life, what inspired the album title ‘Ungrateful’ and their own way of dealing with ungrateful people in their lives. Robert Ortiz: As soon as the show’s over, I’m done and that’s when they wake up.

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He performs alongside Kevin Gruft, Craig Mabbitt and Robert Ortiz in Escape the Fate.

He is most prominently known as the lead vocalist for American rock band Escape the Fate.

He was formerly the lead vocalist for the bands Blessthefall and The Word Alive.

How do you guys deal with ‘Ungrateful’ people in general? You’ve got to be used to it, you just have to let certain things go and get your job done and be a team. I don’t yell a lot, you’ll know when I’m pissed off. I’m an on-the-fence person with everything because I’m always able to see both sides. If you had the chance to work and or tour with any band who would it be and why? I wouldn’t want to not like that band anymore ‘cause I’m like, “Man that guy is a f—ing d—!

CM: I get very, very heated sometimes when somebody disagrees with me or doesn’t want to be a team player. ” If I could work with any artist it’d have to be like a Top 40 artist.

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