Who is hunter hayes dating december 2016

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In December we got ready to go on our annual hunting trip.The second day we were there, I was on one side of the field hunting and he was on the other side of the field.The pair dated briefly in 2014, but by early 2015 they called it quits.And like with most celeb couples, Brad was still fielding questions from the press about their rumored romance even after going their separate ways.Smyers has been in a relationship with Abby Law for a few years. Abby made a cameo in Dan Shay lyric video for their song "Nothin' Like You." It is in the talk Smyers and Law want to get married in May 2017.James Shay Mooney (born ) was raised in Natural Dam, Arkansas and attended Union Christian Academy (Fort Smith, Arkansas).Or at least live vicariously through the girls who actually hooked up with them.

During that time, she was like a helping and supporting hand for him. If you’re still in the dark about The Vamps, listen up: The band is comprised of Brad Simpson, James Mc Vey, Connor Ball and Tristan Evans, and they’re all hot, and we want to date all of them. ) As sad as it is for diehard Directioners to accept, today’s actual hottest British boy band is gaining popularity every day.It was reported by the media that his love of life had been there side to help so that Adam might take his self out from this terrible kind of ordeal.She was there just right by his side and she was also giving full and complete support to him for his mother’s death. Their bond has been getting much strong day by day.

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